How does Opera By Request work?

Quite simply. Everyone singing in the classical repertoire has operatic roles they are wanting to sing, hoping to be hired to perform those dream roles. Now that opportunity is just one conversation away. If for example, you are a soprano who would love to sing Gilda, and your good friend is dying to perform Rigoletto, all you have to do is contact Opera by Request.

In other words, if two or more performers contact Opera by Request regarding a specific opera, Opera by Request will fill out the remaining cast and arrange the performance details. Specifics of performance will be worked out in advance between the organization and the interested performers. The operas will generally be performed without chorus, and some supporting roles may be omitted. However, all the major scenes involving principals will be performed in their entirety.

The initiating performers will pay Opera by Request for coachings and preliminary rehearsals, or, alternatively, will simply pay an administration fee. Opera by Request will provide two full company rehearsals, plus a dress rehearsal and a performance at no cost to the artists. The box office receipts will be the property of the initiating artists.

Performances will take place in the 50-seat Bartok Room at the North Institute of Music, accompanied by grand piano. If the artists prefer a larger venue, at their own expense, that is an acceptable option.

Specific details of each performance will necessarily be worked out in advance. For
further details, please contact us.