About OBR

At Opera by Request we perform all manner of operatic repertoire in concert format, not such an unusual concept. The twist is that the repertoire is decided by the participants, not the company directorate.

For singers, we’re an opportunity to learn and perform a role for the first time in a comfortable and supportive environment. For audiences, we present affordable concert performances by singers in the roles that most inspire them.

If you’d like to perform with Opera By Request, or if you’re an audience member who’d like to be on our mailing list, please fill out the form on our contact page.



Project creation:

Two or more singers approach the director with a project suggestion. If the director is agreeable, and a mutually satisfactory date can be found, the singers and director form a cooperative whereby the remainder of the cast and a rehearsal schedule is created.

An hourly fee is assessed for coachings and rehearsals, excluding the dress rehearsal and performance, which are offered at no charge. The cast shares in the net box office proceeds, after all costs (hall rental, printing, other costs mutually agreed upon) are recovered.